Crop the Night Away


Does the thought of coming to a crop sound like fun, until you think about packing all of your supplies? Crops are a great way to get inspired, meet new people and if you’re organized, knock out a number of pages. Sometimes scrapbookers (myself included) spend just as much time packing and unpacking as they do actually scrapbooking.

Let’s start with what you don’t need to bring: every scrapbook supply you own. I’ve been guilty of packing up a large crate full of stuff, plus a couple of paper totes and a tool tote and by the end of the night realize I didn’t even open the tote. (sound familiar?) Here’s a quick list of what to bring so you avoid this pitfall and have plenty of time to complete your beautiful pages and have less to carry as well.

1. Page Kits…Plan ahead on what pages and projects you want to work on during the crop. Pack your photos, papers and embellishments together so you can start work easily. I’m a big fan of the Page Planner from Cropper Hopper. With 3 pockets, one for photos and other info, one for paper and one for embellishments it’s easy to plan the perfect page. I like them so much, I’ve even started using them at home. I put coordinating papers together, right after I buy them and print photos then so whenever I’m in the scrapping mood I can sit right down and get to work instead of scavenging for supplies. It’s also a great way of keeping track of what I’ve bought.

2 Your basic tools…I know the definition of basic is different for everyone. Here’s my list…
* Paper trimmer
* Adhesives (I have three kinds at all times… the Kukuyo Dot n’ Roller for photos and paper, glue dots for embellishments and a quickie glue pen for little things like bling and quickutz.
* Writing utensils (black pen, white pen and a pencil)
* Black ink pad and acrylic block…other color inks depending on my pre-planned pages
* Journaling block stamp (I love the self inking 7 Gypsies journaling stamps which happen to be on sale at Scrapbook Destination right now.)
* Ruler
* Scissors
* Crop-a-Dile
* Paper Piercer
* Basic Grey Rub-on Roller
* Cutting mat (Let’s face it people get really creative on store tables and sometimes it’s a little hard to clean up all of that creativity. I like to bring my own mat to define my space and have a clean start. Plus I’m so dependent on the markings to keep things relatively straight I’m lost without my Basic Grey magnetic mat)
* Circle punch

3. If you’re a Quickutz girl like me, you should a least bring your dies and if you’re not coming to Scrapbook Destination you’ll probably want to bring your machine. Of course if you’re really ahead of the game you can prepunch and put in your page planner.

4. 3 or 4 sheets of your most commonly used cardstock colors. (For me it’s black, white and kraft.) Plus a small bag of cardstock scraps in a variety of colors.

5. Your favorite rubber stamps (You know the alpha you reach for over and over again and few other basic shapes)

6. Assemble a care kit for your scrapbooking nights. It should include headache medicine, bandages, tissues, mints and wipes. At Scrapbook Destination we always try to have a good supply of tasty snacks, but if you go somewhere else definitely bring your favorite. Studies show chocolate boosts creativity. We also supply drinks, but I think it’s always nice to have a water bottle on hand.

That’s it…yes really…and you can probably fit all of this into one tote bag and tool carrier. If you’re still worried about life without the 42 packs of Thickers you used to bring to a crop, think about these things…1. You probably have a friend who hasn’t read this post and packed her kitchen sink, so you can borrow from her 2. You’re maybe at a store (hopefully Scrapbook Destination) and can buy the latest and greatest designs or 3. You will be going home eventually and can finish the page then.

Now that you know how to pack for a crop, it’s time to make your reservation for our biggest crop — our Anniversary Crop on Saturday May 3rd. We’ve been hounding vendors since the winter show and have GREAT prizes to give away, plus much more…spaces are going fast so call the store today (303-779-0024) to reserve your spot.



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