Un-Du is back!


While supplies last of course as we sold four bottles just yesterday, the day the shipment arrived!  We can now order this adhesive remover again and will carry it in the store.

The very first time I saw people use this, I was in shock that someone would put a liquid on their page, photos, etc.  It is used to remove a misplaced photo, element or other.  And just as fast as it is applied, the solvent quickly disappears leaving no trace.  I hear it also removes “hard to remove” items such as masking tape, duct tape, stamps from envelopes, bumper stickers and other ‘sticky’  things.  It is also safe for photos and acid-free.

Come on over and let us help you out of a sticky situation!


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One Response to “Un-Du is back!”

  1. Denise W. Says:

    Hooray! I am so glad. My old bottle was down to about 4 precious drops and I was turning into a very timid scrapper.

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